We offer free world wide shipping

We ship to:

US, CAN, AU, NZ and western European continent. If you can’t checkout maybe it’s because we can’t ship at the moment to your country, but just to be sure you can email us.

Estimated Time of Arrival (due to the Covid situation):

  • EUROPE: 8-30 Days
  • USA, CANADA: 30-60 Days
  • Other internationl countries: similar or a bit more than USA

Some update:

  • Due to the COVID situation there are big delays, we can’t guarantee the quick delivery that we have before. We have been very cautions and closed the store during 4 months cause we think the delivery time its not acceptable for our customers. But a lot of friends from US specially had been asking us to open the store, because they understand that there can be delays and understand the situation.
  • We must inform that there can be big delays, and even problems with the postal service in a few occasions. So we can’t guarantee delivery on time until this situation improves.

Only order if:

  • Please only order if you understand the situation, and if you are patient.
  • Order only if you are sure that there are no problem with the delivery system in your country, if you had some problem with other deliveries please don’t order.
  • If you are not sure, but you want to order make the small order that we accept in our shop.
  • And if you want that we ship you a test empty letter to your country to see if you receive it with no problems, just send us and email and ask for that (keep in mind that we can’t ship a lot of this, so we will ship this test letters only at our discretion, and always after we serve orders first).

Some reasons for the delays:

  • The main reason for the delays are: fewer flights or other routes of shipping, and increase workload for the postal system, because a lot of people are ordering online (more than before Covid).
  • Second reasons for the delays: fewer workers, other disruptions due to the covid situation, and even some countries can make quarantines for letters (rare, but can happen).

How we ship:

  • We send in a discrete form, and we would try to improve.
  • We send letters with the blotters inside.
  • Free shipping, normaly standard shiping and some times at our discretion express shipping, it depends on a number of reasons, one of them if the purchase quantity price.
  • The only mail option is Untracked – No Signature Requiered.
  • Please check conditions about reship on Terms & conditions.
  • Be patien with your shipments the average delivery time its between 1-2 weeks  (even up to 4 weeks that extrange but can happen sometimes) before Covid, and depend on the countries, some countries will have arrival times betters and others will have worse arrival times.
  • When we have a experience of the times we would try to be more specific.
  • Depending on the product we might ship from different countries.