March 14, 2020

  • The store is closed until the problems of COVID-19 are solve in our country.
  • The problem is that this virus spread quickly and there are a 5% or more of the people that need intensive care, that had collapsed the hospitals. Right now we are not allow to go out, so we can’t ship. We only can go to shop food, pharmacy, work or very important things.
  • This situation is unbelievable, and you never think that is going to happen. We all thought that China was excessive in his measures, until you saw that in Italy and then in your country and other countries.
  • Hope you don’t have this kind of problem in USA and other countries.
  • By the way we are just fine, but we can’t ship because of the risk to be charge.
  • So sorry for the inconvenience, hope you are all well.
  • We hope to open in 1-2 months. Stay tune!

March 9, 2020

  • About Shipping
  • We inform that due restrictions of travel from EU to the USA (restrictions of people not good).
  • We guess that we can’t get the excellent delivery time that we had from EU to the USA.
  • Postal system used to have a space in many commercial flights from EU to the USA, so with far fewer flights, the delivery time to your country it’s going to be increase, until we don’t have more data we can’t really know the average delivery time from now on, but you can expect maybe 3 to 4 weeks.
  • We will ship 3 times for week.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you are all well. Safety first.
  • Thank you for your understanding.

About the COVID-19, the scientific research up to date says that the virus can be alive up to 5 days in surface like metal, and some surface nonporous, of course each day with a high reduction in the quantity of covid-19. On porous surface like blotters and paper, the virus can’t be alive more than 1-2 days, so during the travel time of the letter, the blotters are completely safe.